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Library and Stock Photography
Changing seasons a time to get out and shoot creative photography.

As the clocks change and we head into winter with atmospheric light and weather conditions its the perfect time for creative photography.

As a professional press and reportage photographer I have learnt to make the most from any situation.

Pre visualising the image you want and making the most of the light lead to this stock image.

You can see more of my press work using this link Press photography.

Library and Stock Photography
Owners and their pets at the annual Dog Swim Cheltenham Lido.

After the end of the summer season the Lido welcomes pets and owners for a swim.

Press photographer encompasses many things.

From news to portraits and editorial photography.

So it is always nice to be able to shoot some fun pictures.

The annual dog swim has become established over the last few years and sees hundreds of pets and owners in the water over two days.

Library and Stock Photography

Winter night photography is great way to add amazing images to your portfolio.

Consider getting out to your location sometime before you wheat to shoot.

Changes in weather can dramatically affect your results, so be prepared.

We often think that photography needs great light.

This is true but that light can be present at night.

Mostly the landscape or city is illuminated by artificial light.

The same scene when viewed at night will look totally different to a daylight shot.

The example shot here was taken at the winter solstice in Avebury, Wiltshire.

The combination of twilight colour in the sky ad light from passing cars creates an unusual view of a familiar scene.

Winter night photography will usually require you to sue a tripod.

That said with high Iso settings you can still and hold the camera.

However be aware of slow shutter speeds when hand holding as this can introduce camera shake.

Suitable locations and techniques might include
Winter landscapes
Urban landscapes
Using filters
Seeing’ in black and white
Shooting JPEG and RAW files

An important thing to think about is camera settings.

Move to Manual

Night scenes can be difficult to expose accurately. This is because there will often be large areas of darkness in the scene, and partly because different exposures can give equally good results.

Start by taking pictures using the recommended exposure.

you will probably find it is over exposed as you are likely to have lots of black or dark spaces in the image.

No adjust one of the exposure values – usually the shutter speed – and take another picture to see if this improves the image.

You will be trying to bring the exposure down, so select a faster shutter speed.

In only a few shots you should obtain an image you like.

Now experiment with different exposures to see if there are other results.

For example slow shutter speeds will blur the lights of passing cars in to lines.

Use all these ideas for your winter night time photography.


Library and Stock Photography

Autumn is coming and its always a great opportunity to shoot some dramatic landscapes especially where I am based in The Cotswolds.

Sunsets and sunrises highlight the beauty in the landscape.

Low morning and evening light helps to give texture to the landscape, modelling the scene so much better than summer sunshine.

Keep a look out for interesting shapes, lone trees, rolling hills and get out early or late to make the most of your photography project.

Having the ability to use a full size professional camera is greta.

Yet you can get equally great photographs using only a phone camera.

Landscape photography with phone camera and the use of post production in Snapseed to create a portfolio of creative impressionistic photography.

When Autumn is coming and you are out and about with your camera you will probably often feel that you can make something more of the image than what is right in front of you. You know that some careful post production can enhance the photographs. But what if you do not have access to a full suite of post production software such as Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom.
This is where creative decisions come in to play. Moreover the decision to use your phone. This is because they offer very immediate very simple to use post production app’s.
If you download Snapseed you will have great control over your images.

Make sure you pre visualise your shot.

This means when shooting the picture try to imagine exactly what it is you ant your final image to look like.

Consider lighting, angle, composition and again what you will do to the image in post production to give you your final result.

Also consider what the use of the image is going to be.


Library and Stock Photography
… or more accurately the “Car Park to Nowhere”. The Road to Nowhere highlights paces that are transformed at night, grey drab concrete reflects the night colours dampened by recent rain. The empty space so normally full of vehicles take son another look. Not just a functional space but a myriad of lines, angles, light and shade such that the creative photographer can combine concepts, ideas, design and composition.