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Reportage Photography

People and portrait photography for Photosymbols.

A photo library for easy read information featuring actors with learning disabilities.

I have been working with the Photosymbols team for over a decade.

Together we produce high quality studio style photography shot on location, wherever the clients of Photosymbols need us.

This requires a “mobile studio” which we set up for the clients’ shoot,.

This can be in an office, a community hall, in a hospital etc. 

In fact anywhere we can set up the backdrop and lighting .

Over the years we have also shot in many other locations from parks and shops to a court room, fire station, on the London Underground and many more real life scenarios to illustrate people at work and leisure in their day to day lives.

Founded by Karl Seymour and Pete Le Grys, Photosymbols clients include many UK Government Departments and NHS trusts, Charities, Self Advocacy Groups, Local Government etc.

Photosymbols photo library work is used world-wide.

Reportage Photography
Ten years ago life was a little different to today’s lead up to Halloween. I was at rave in Devon, crowds of people enjoyed the music and the dancing through the night. It is often the case that we reflect on the past and enjoy fond memories. It is pertinent to today’s Covid-19 pandemic. Looking back only 10 months ago we lived in a different world. 10 years ago our lives were less constrained as in this image. The freedom of the moment, the joy of the experience now seem unreal in the present climate. I like this shot from October 2010 as it epitomises for me the joy of that moment.

With our inability to mix with friends and family in this the pandemic of 2020 we need to remind ourselves of what we hold precious.
life is about experience not wealth.
Rather we need work for peace of mind.
Consequently the need to earn money needs to balanced with living life.
As a result we can enjoy our lives.

I don’t recall how much money I had or didn’t have then.
What car I was driving.
I don’t know who the person in the picture.

What I do know is that over and above all of our material goods the moment, the event and the experience is what was precious.
Now lost for a while we need to remember this time of Covid in the years 
to come.
It will highlight to us what is really important in life.
Love, Friends, family, Life.


Reportage Photography
Cirencester, Kemble, UK. Crowds gather to watch the last flight of one of the last two British Airways Boeing 747 aircraft come in to land at the Cotswold Airport / Kemble Airfield in Gloucestershire where it will be used for salvage.
Known as The Queen of the Skies, Britsih Airways has now retired their whole fleet fo Boeing 747 aircraft a decision brought forward by the impact of the Coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic on the travel industry.

Reportage Photography

Henri Cartier-Bresson famously said that photography was “Painting with light”.

Holding true to this idea one needs to be aware not just of the content of animate but the light in the image.

City Sunrise is just such an image, the light of the early morning colouring the sky, the lights of the internal areas of the building slashing through the natural light outside.