Reportage Photography

Photosymbols photo library

People and portrait photography for Photosymbols.

A photo library for easy read information featuring actors with learning disabilities.

I have been working with the Photosymbols team for over a decade.

Together we produce high quality studio style photography shot on location, wherever the clients of Photosymbols need us.

This requires a “mobile studio” which we set up for the clients’ shoot,.

This can be in an office, a community hall, in a hospital etc. 

In fact anywhere we can set up the backdrop and lighting .

Over the years we have also shot in many other locations from parks and shops to a court room, fire station, on the London Underground and many more real life scenarios to illustrate people at work and leisure in their day to day lives.

Founded by Karl Seymour and Pete Le Grys, Photosymbols clients include many UK Government Departments and NHS trusts, Charities, Self Advocacy Groups, Local Government etc.

Photosymbols photo library work is used world-wide.