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Reportage photographyStreet photography

Cafe window

Cafe window observational street photography inside to outside, the passing of holidaymakers in the street outside, life as it passes by.

A series of reportage images in the genre of street photography with depiction of scenes unfolding in front of a seafront cafe window.
Shot over 30 minutes from the comfort of a cafe observation in street photography is the key.
Sometimes just sitting still and photographing the world passing by just works.
As a professional street photographer you have to be on the look out all the time.
For this set of images I waited in the cafe with a coffee and let the action unfold in front of me, picking out vignettes of day to day life.
Over 30 minutes I managed to shoot a variety of photographs.
People passing by on the street unaware of being observed, going about day to day life.


Stephen Shepherd