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Winter night photography

Winter night photography is great way to add amazing images to your portfolio.

Consider getting out to your location sometime before you wheat to shoot.

Changes in weather can dramatically affect your results, so be prepared.

We often think that photography needs great light.

This is true but that light can be present at night.

Mostly the landscape or city is illuminated by artificial light.

The same scene when viewed at night will look totally different to a daylight shot.

The example shot here was taken at the winter solstice in Avebury, Wiltshire.

The combination of twilight colour in the sky ad light from passing cars creates an unusual view of a familiar scene.

Winter night photography will usually require you to sue a tripod.

That said with high Iso settings you can still and hold the camera.

However be aware of slow shutter speeds when hand holding as this can introduce camera shake.

Suitable locations and techniques might include
Winter landscapes
Urban landscapes
Using filters
Seeing’ in black and white
Shooting JPEG and RAW files

An important thing to think about is camera settings.

Move to Manual

Night scenes can be difficult to expose accurately. This is because there will often be large areas of darkness in the scene, and partly because different exposures can give equally good results.

Start by taking pictures using the recommended exposure.

you will probably find it is over exposed as you are likely to have lots of black or dark spaces in the image.

No adjust one of the exposure values – usually the shutter speed – and take another picture to see if this improves the image.

You will be trying to bring the exposure down, so select a faster shutter speed.

In only a few shots you should obtain an image you like.

Now experiment with different exposures to see if there are other results.

For example slow shutter speeds will blur the lights of passing cars in to lines.

Use all these ideas for your winter night time photography.