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Reportage photography

Portrait photography

Portrait photography location shoots for corporate clients the national press, magazines and business.
My creative portraiture ranges from subjects that include celebrities, authors, politicians and portraits of real people in the work place for corporate, industrial and business clients.

Portrait Photography requires a variety of specific skills.
I am a versatile portrait photographer with skills in lighting and post production that are used to complement the work.
The essence of portrait photography is to present a representative image of the subject.

Scenarios that require this approach to the photography include shooting celebrity portraits.
This is due to the fact that they may be promoting a new film, book etc.
Interview and photography sessions are undertaken in a short space of time with other media requiring their time in the next session.

I use portable lighting and creating iconic images in difficult situations is key to the portrait photographers skills when working on location.

Portraits I have undertaken in this situation include photographs of:

Norman Mailer
Barbara Cartland
Colin Dexter
George Harrison
John Lydon
Gloria Estefan
Les Dawson
Director portraits
Staff portraits
Street portraits...

Clients :

The Daily Telegraph
The Observer
The Wall St Journal
Der Spiegel...

Location :